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Using field and equipmen Thermal insulation of power plant (steam turbine thermal insulation cover (thermal power, nuclear power), pipe insulation sleeve, valve insulation cover) Thermal insulation sleeve of injection molding machine Tyre plant insulation cover (tire vulcanizing machine) Chemical plant insulation cover (chemical equipment insulation cover, pipe valve insulation cover) Thermal insulation cover of petrochemical plant (oil field insulation sleeve, oil refinery insulation cover) Spinning plant insulation cover (spinning equipment insulation cover) Heat insulation cover of iron and steel plant (pipe, valve, instrument insulation cover) Insulation cover of food factory (pipe, valve, trap, filter insulation) Shipyard insulation cover (ship insulation cover, military boat heat preservation sleeve, submarine thermal insulation jacket) Thermal insulation cover of pharmaceutical factory Refrigerating insulation cover (refrigeration equipment) Heat exchanger insulation Diesel insulation cover Engine insulation Thermal insulation sleeve of paper mill Gas turbine insulation Air compressor insulation Kiln heat preservation
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CHOOSING FSD TO CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY AND GOOD PRICEReputation comes from the quality of star quality

Years of production strength precipitation
Create world soft heat preservation brand
FSD is a large-scale comprehensive science and technology enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering.
Wuxi base mainly focuses on the design and construction of "thermal insulation and thermal insulation engineering, noise absorption engineering", and the comprehensive enterprise of "fire-proof heat-resistant cloth (blanket)" and other engineering materials.
At home, our company is engaged in the research, development and production of "detachable insulation cover engineering and fire resistance fiber" system.
Fine workmanship, excellent quality
FSD has been serving more than 1,500 enterprises in China and abroad for many years
The company introduces advanced equipment, can adapt to multi - breed production. This provides reliable guarantee for the development of high-tech products and excellent product quality.
The products are inspected by the international safety and health inspection and national fire inspection center, and the relevant products meet or close to the international standard.
The company registered "FSD" trademark has high visibility at home and abroad.
Professional team, star service
FSD creates value for your products far beyond price
It is mainly engaged in the application research of high tech fields such as aerospace, military industry, thermal power nuclear power, construction, Bridges, new energy and new materials.
With our sincere cooperation, advanced technology and scientific management philosophy, we are committed to providing high quality, efficient and continuous service to our customers based on the principle of good faith.
Pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system to protect the interests of each customer.
Years of cultivation, authority recognition
FSD is only for making better products more considerate service
National high-tech enterprises.
Jiangsu high-tech enterprise.
The only special functional textile research center in the government has settled in our company. The company has been working with the university of donghua university (formerly China textile university) and is a member of the research institute of donghua university.

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Wuxi FSD Limited by Share Ltd

Wuxi FSD Limited by Share Ltd is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, engineering as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise of science and technology. Research the company focused on the construction of functional textiles. Undertake major applied research projects of aerospace, military, nuclear power, thermal power, building bridges, new energy, new materials and other high-tech fields. The company was named national high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province. The government granted the land only a special functional textile research center in our company. Company and Donghua University (formerly China Textile University) cooperation, is director of the Donghua University research institute. The company has two production bases (Wuxi production base and production base in Taixing), has 3 production plants and a special functional textile research center. Wuxi base mainly in the heat insulation engineering, noise sound-absorbing Engineering project design, construction, and fireproof cloth (blanket) integrated enterprise process engi......

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